Compact team witha large network of expertise

Thinking and doing

Yellow Concepts works with a small team and makes flexible use of a large network of designers, contractors and specialists. We don’t run away from the practical aspects either, because we believe in craftsmanship & customization. Co-creation with thinkers and doers.

Lot Frijling

‘As founder and owner of Yellow Concepts I like to develop locations that touch people and where commercialism and creativity go hand in hand’.

Expertise: Concepting from A-Z, catalyst, connecting people.

Jeroen van Laarhoven

‘I have a passion for designs that evoke a sense of wonder and always look for personalized design solutions’.

Expertises: Design & architecture, concept development, technical drawings.


Loes Teunissen

‘I’m a creative conceptual thinker who loves people-oriented assignments and is constantly looking for adventure’.

Expertises: Concepting, strategy, design.


Gaby Crucq-Toffolo

‘As the author of several Concepting books, I believe that sharing is like multiplying.

Expertise: Strategic conceptual thinking, analytical and empathic ability.


Stijn van den Berkmortel

“A digital creative mind with the power see from a fresh perspective to make new inspiring ideas”

Expertise: Communication, concepting, content.


Nine Seelen

‘Creative, flexible and motivated.’

Expertises: Design, communication, web design.


Anna Louisa Kroijenga

“A creative person who loves to work on social media, concepting and positioning. Always trying to make people enthusiastic and inspire them online”.

Expertise: Social media, online, concepting


Maud Verberne

“Concept development for text and image is my passion. I’d like to develop that passion into an area”.

Expertise: Concepting, graphic design, research.


Dilip Sonak

‘As a strategist and creative from Amsterdam, I develop concepts and means of communication; I love beautiful design and stories that touch people’.

Expertises: Concepting, communication strategy, copywriting.


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