How we work

A strong concept

All valuable locations started off with a strong, unique concept. In order to get that in a effective and efficient manner, concept development is divided in three consecutive steps: the concept analysis, the concept creation and the concept realisation.

Concept analysis

In this step, we try to envisage tomorrow’s places and spaces in the light of the world as it is today. We identify the current and future needs (both felt and anticipatory) of end users and their communities and compare them with your own organisational goals and the benefits you seek to realise. This location analysis and stakeholder analysis together constitute the concept analysis step. The insights gained form the basis for developing the location concept.

Concept creation

In the concept creation step we focus on working out the location concept. The end-result we have in mind forms the basis for the name of the concept, the values attached to the concept, the visualisation of the concept and, finally, the pillars on which the concept rests: design and layout elements, functionalities, the implementation strategy and other elements of your concept, all of these set out in an inspiring way and in broad outline. A good concept description will help secure support and authorization for implementing the concept.

Concept realisation

In the concept realisation, a team of specialists starts working on the design, testing and physical construction of your concept elements. The concept launch, concept programming and concept growth are all prerequisites for the delivery of a location that offers value, now and in the future.