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Who we work for

We like small and large assignments in which we always 'immerse' ourselves in the desired issue of the client. Our clients are mostly building owners, high traffic locations themselves, real estate parties, investors, area developers and municipalities. We find a natural and positive relationship with the client important, especially since we were once clients ourselves and know that this is essential for a successful end result.  

Unique method: 5G model®

We’ve created the 5G model, an original and effective creative development technique. It consists of five structured phases, allowing us to get to the point quickly, focus on results, achieve a return on your investment, and work collaboratively. You can select one module, or go for our overall concept.

1G - Gap analysis

Segment: Relevant Trends Monitor™ - Location DNA Scan™ - Journey Touchpoints™ - Consumer Wishlist™

Result: Review of specific trends & customer needs. Insight in to the GAPS. What is required to make the location unique and successful.

2G - Great idea

Segment: Concept name™ - Concept book™ - Unique Concept Ideas™ - Concept Storytelling

Result: 'The great idea', the unique concept, visualized with amazing design ideas including storytelling

3G - Grand design

Segment: Design briefing - Select design team - Draft and final design - Test concept

Result: Design brief, preliminary and final design. Proposal design team and business case included and tested on future users.

4G - Get it done

Segment: Work out all concept details - Technical specifications and constructions - Spectacular opening

Result: Create a unique consumer experience in a place that makes people happy and where they like to spend their money.

5G - Growth

Segment: Concept Evaluation Checklist™ - Futureproof Match™ - Community communication

Result: Fine-tune the concept and keep it up to date to ensure growth.

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