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Locations of all sorts

Yellow Concepts develops both large and small locations, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. We apply our three-step concept development methodology in its entirety or in parts within an existing location. Our portfolio includes: inner cities, airports, residential-cum-commercial sites, hospitals, public spaces, shopping centres, hotel and catering businesses, cinemas, theatres, museums and event locations. Assignments and questions for Yellow Concepts: 

  • Develop a unique concept for a residential-cum-commercial city area for national and international usage;
  • What innovative retail concepts help our shopping malls become unique?;
  • Design the city centre of the future using only words and pictures;
  • Imagine and develop social and commercial concepts for our streets and neighbourhoods;
  • Design the 'Cinema of Tomorrow': What will these cinemas entail? How will they look like?
  • Develop the future concept for this city area based on its DNA;
  • Develop the concept of an ‘open campus model’ for our various institutions and faculties;
  • What could be the overarching concept for the public areas and spaces within our hospital?
  • How can we make airports more suiting for current and future generations of travelers?
  • Develop a strong concept that symbolizes our organizational aspirations;
  • Develop the overarching concepts for tomorrow’s ideal city.

“Yellow Concepts is the great connector, a powerful engine bringing in fresh ideas. For any new development project, especially the more complex ones, I highly recommend Yellow Concepts”.  

Lieke Timmermans, TivoliVredenburg

“Yellow Concepts excels in transforming abstract ideas into perceptible concepts. As an ageny, Yellow Concepts manages to deliver their work in a quick and reliable manner”

Theo van Rijn, Gemeente Amersfoort

“Being able to working with the team at Yellow Concepts is a real treat. They're not too formal yet always precise. I cherish their flexibility and devotion. Their methodology is a smart, creative way to fully realize the potential of our project teams”

Olaf Broeders, Eindhoven Airport

“Yellow Concepts comes up with clever concepts and is able to derive creative propositions along the way. There hands-on mentality appealed to me from day one”

Erik Uijttewaal, Janssen de Jong

“In everything it does, Yellow Concepts takes the end user as a staring point, which is exactly what so many of us forget to do. The team is easily approachable and the best sparring partner one could get”

Merel Schot, Gemeente Zuidplas

“Yellow Concepts is full of passion and good at first learning, then matching the different needs and interests of stakeholders involved. They quickly get to to core of the matter, creating concepts that last”    

Patricia van Nieuwenhuyzen-Deutman, VanWonen Real Estate Development