In 3 steps to valuable locations

What we do

Yellow Concepts helps owners, project developers, architects, municipalities and others involved to develop valuable locations for tomorrow’s world. In partnership with you and your team, our multidisciplinary team of experienced thinkers and doers works on the three steps of concept development: concept analysis, concept creation and concept realization – steps that lead to locations that offer benefits on multiple levels and generate lasting value for our clients, stakeholders and end users. Yellow Concepts develops small as well as large locations. From airports to residential-cum-commercial areas and from campuses to theatres or museums: each location offers value as long as it is based on the needs of many and has been developed with dedication and care.

  • City centres
  • Airports
  • Residential-cum
    commercial areas
  • Trainstations
  • Shopping malls
  • Leisure venues
  • Campuses
  • Public spaces
  • And more

Better, more beautiful, more sustainable

We believe that buildings and locations can make the world better, more beautiful and more sustainable. The needs of people, the environment and our planet form the starting point of everything we develop and the way we do this. Inspired by our vision on location development and our aim to realize social, ecological and economic benefits, we create and allocate maximum value.

‘This book is a must-read for governments, developers, architects and everyone else dedicated to places and spaces' - Steven Delva, Founder of DELVA Landscape Architecture Urbanism and ‘Architect of the year’.

Lot Frijling, founder and owner of Yellow Concepts, is the author of Handboek Conceptontwikkeling, a practical guide to creating valuable places and spaces. Her methodology takes the reader in three steps from a first insight or idea towards fully realised places and spaces that offer social, ecological and economic benefits. The book, written in Dutch and published in the Netherlands and Belgium only, uses the analogy of blossoming love to explain how the consecutive steps of concept analysis, concept creation and concept realisation lead to excellence in project development. Handboek Conceptontwikkeling presents as many as 50 attractive cases from across the world plus inspiring ideas from experts as well as practical tools for executing the work. Frijling’s book will be helpful to everyone who is keen to create places and spaces where people live, work, meet and relax. In other words, a book that is essential reading for a wide range of people: from students to professionals, project developers to architects, policy makers to builders and owners to end users.

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